About Us

  • Clients are welcome to come into the client services center at any time during open hours and shop for one half hour.
  • All visitors wishing to shop are asked to provide appropriate identification so that a Shopper’s Card can be issued.
  • Each visitor is asked to limit the goods they select to one grocery bag per visit.
Helping Hands Building at Night

Outreach Programs

In addition to the primary service of providing goods that are available to walk-in clients, Helping Hands has the following outreach programs.


Clothes That Work is a special service provided for individuals who are in need of appropriate clothing for job interviews or employment in retail or office settings.

  • Clients may call to schedule an appointment or may be referred by a partnering organization.
  • It is preferred that clients call and schedule an appointment with a program coordinator, however walk-ins are welcome during regular business hours.
  • Trained volunteers will assist clients in choosing outfits and accessories.
  • This service is provided free of charge.
  • To make an appointment, call Clothes That Work at 503-363-8066 to speak with a coordinator or leave a message.

Work Wear is a service provided to clients who have secured an entry level job but, before their first paycheck, do not have the resources to purchase employer required items.

  • Typical jobs would be in agriculture, construction, manufacturing or healthcare
  • The Work Wear Coordinator talks with the client to determine specific clothing items required such as rain gear, steel toe boots, leather gloves, etc.
  • The basic required items will be paid for by the Work Wear program- there is no charge to the client
  • Most often, additional desired items are paid from the client’s first paycheck. To make an appointment: Call Helping Hands Resources at 503-364-9936 and ask for Denise


Restart Resources is an outreach program to individuals and families who have been displaced from their homes and are resettling back into housing.

  • Clients who are eligible for these services would be those displaced due to domestic violence, natural disasters (fire, flood, wind), or conditions leading to refugee status or homelessness.
  • Referral from Partnering Social Service Agency is required.
  • The service provides resettlement assistance such as basic kitchen items, bedding and towels
  • Restart Resources Email — [email protected]